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The graduation, the new chapter starting.

Every class we have is so full of laughter and joy. This is consistent from the first class to the last class today. It is a great honor for you to regard this Chinese class as the best memory in Taiwan. Actually , to me you are never just students.

Love you ❤️ It‘s beautiful to close one chapter with smile and flowers.

我們的每一堂課,都是這麼充滿歡笑與快樂。從第一堂課到最後一堂課都是這樣始終如一。很榮幸你們把中文課視為在台灣最美好的回憶。對我來說,你們從來不只是學生,愛妳們❤️ 這樣的畢業典禮,很美😊

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