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Akshay Aggarwal
Director of Engineering at MediaTek

I was a student of Stacy for almost 1-2 years while we lived in Taiwan. My focus was to learn business Mandarin to help me with my client facing activities in China. Being a native English speaker, some of the vocabulary and sentence formation in Mandarin were quite difficult. Stacy helped me a lot to catch up on all of that and become more fluent. Since she has a good command on English as well, conversations with her were quite seamless.

I still remember my Shenzhen trip where I took my customer for dinner and managed to "impress" him with all that Stacy taught me. At the end he said, "ni de laoshi hen lihai -:) (your teacher is very impressive)". Thanks Stacy!! 

Harishore Tourangbam
Research Scholar at NCTU



喵喵老師 (Teacher Mandy) is a very professional teacher, she enjoys teaching young students Chinese language with many interesting and enjoyable activities. None will feel Chinese language is hard to learn when teacher Mandy Liu is around you. You will feel the activeness and enthusiasm in learning the language with her. No words can describe the feeling in her class. You better join and see and feel for yourself 😎

李愛 Sarang Lee

Mandy Liu 老師 is a very nice and friendly teacher🥰 I really enjoyed her class. She teaches with various and enjoyable activities, and it makes Chinese accessible.

좋은 선생님 덕분에 단기간에 중국어가 많이 늘었어요. 정말 친절하고 유쾌한 선생님이세요❤️
발음, 문법, 회화 모든 부분에 있어 전문적이고 효율적으로 가르쳐주시고, 매 수업마다 열정적이십니다. 선생님 수업 적극 추천합니다 

​喬維娜 Jvana Wotypka
English Teacher

If you are looking to learn Chinese, look no further!
Mandy has been my teacher for almost a year and a half; she is a wonderful, and qualified teacher. After every class I walk away feeling proud and confident with my learning process and language level.

They welcome all levels and learning styles; online, one on one or in small group classes. ♥️

Stacy tailors learning Mandarin to the student’s ability and schedule. She makes learning Chinese fun. I highly recommend her to teach you Mandarin!

Stacy is a great teacher, friendly and very knowledgeable, and always helpful!



I truly enjoyed studying Chinese with Teacher Mandy. I highly recommend all to learn or improve the skills of Chinese with this Teacher.

Pallavi Barhate Zambare

Stacy is a wonderful teacher! Her methodology is structured and logical, and the classes are engaging, fun, and ever so challenging to make her students improve steadily. If you are looking for a teacher that is professional and is not going to waste your time, give Stacy a call! 她是一位好老師!

Derick van Vuren Co-Founder/Director

I started Chinese with nothing and I'm so proud of my level now. My teacher was patient, and lovely. I enjoyed classes because there was a lot of interactions ! We combined learning and playing so it was really interesting.

Mathilda Biscompte

만약 타이완에서 좋은 중국어 선생님을 찿는 한국분이 계시다면 teacher Stacy Wang 을 소개합니다.
그녀는 아주 성실하며 유머가있고, 기초부터 고급 과정까지 재미있고 다양한 방식으로 중국어를 가르치는 재능이있습니다.
늘 정성껏 수업을 준비하는 모습은 Stacy 선생님의 가장 큰 장점입니다.
만약 중국어를 기분 좋게 만나길 원한다면 Stacy 선생님을 강추! 합니다.

Anna Kim

Chinese class in hsinchu

Remi Manzi,

English Teacher

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend  iMandarin Stacy or Mandy, Thank you very much!

imandarin student


NCTU Associate Professor

Stacy is really a great teacher and we have known each other for more than three years, working together to improve my Chinese.

Chinese class in hsinchu


English Teacher

Good pace! Lots of repetition!

Good for me!

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