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Celebrate the Beginning of the New Semester

After a busy summer vacation, the new semester commenced, and I had the pleasure of reuniting with Mandy. We discussed our work plans, visited clients, and shared the moments of our lives.

Three years ago, a short video we collaborated on for the start of the school year resurfaced on Facebook. Mandy playfully remarked that today marks our anniversary, the anniversary of our journey into education.

I'm deeply thankful for the days spent working alongside such a wonderful friend. Even as time has marched on, our shared enthusiasm for teaching Chinese has remained unwavering.

During our client visits, the HR manager took a moment to express gratitude for our unwavering commitment to our students. In the days ahead, we look forward to recommending more colleagues to join us in learning Chinese and immersing themselves in Taiwan's local culture.

I've always believed that our decision to embark on this journey together, to progress together, and to enjoy the freedom of managing our time was absolutely the right choice.

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