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Stories are always the best teaching materials.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

孩子都很喜歡畫畫。 這些看似無厘頭的塗鴉,很多時候反應了他們生活中的亮點。 與其喝斥他們,上課不要亂畫,不如融入他們的世界再帶他們出來。

今天也是這樣。孩子一來,就興高采烈地畫了奇奇怪怪的圖。 然後自己說起故事來。



有一次他半夜哭叫,後來睡著了。鬼來的時候,問他爸爸,剛剛是不是這個小孩在哭? 爸爸說,不是不是。(我問他為什麼爸爸這麼說?他說因為爸爸很愛他?) 鬼又問,那是你在叫嗎? 爸爸也說,不是,不是。後來,鬼就走了! (當然,他就是那個小孩)


有一個沒有頭的怪獸,胸口有可怕的牙齒。 半夜的時候,哪個小孩不睡覺,怪獸就會把他們抓去吃掉。

這些不就是印度版的虎姑婆嗎? 專治不睡覺的小孩。

於是今天我們就利用這個故事,練習「...的時候」、「抓」、「怪獸」...等的語法跟生詞。 讓孩子練習用中文說故事。

說完故事,新竹的風突然把窗戶吹得嗚嗚作響, 小孩以為鬼跟怪獸真的來了,嚇得發抖,躲進了老師的懷裡。農曆七月(鬼月)真的快到了,好應景呀!

Children all love to draw. These seemingly nonsensical doodles often reflect the highlights of their lives. Instead of reprimanding them with messages like "Don't draw during class," it's better to immerse ourselves in their world and then guide them out.

Today was no different. As soon as the child arrived, he enthusiastically began to draw peculiar pictures and then started telling stories on his own.

Story one goes like this: In a village in India, during the middle of the night, if a child cries out, ghosts come to take them away. Once, one boy cried out in the middle of the night but fell asleep later. When the ghost arrived, it asked the child's father, "Wasn't this child crying just now?" The father replied, "No, no." (When I asked why the father said that, he said it's because the father loves him.) The ghost then asked, "Was it you who was crying?" The father again said, "No, it wasn't." Eventually, the ghost left! (Of course, he was actually the child himself.)

Story two is like this: There's a headless monster with terrifying teeth on its chest. During the night, if any child isn't sleeping, the monster will come and take them to eat.

Aren't these the Indian version of "The grand tiger"? Specializing in curing children who won't sleep. So, today So we practiced the grammar and new words of "when...", "catch", "monster"...etc through telling stories in mandarin.

After telling the stories, the wind in Hsinchu suddenly blew through the windows, making a whistling sound. This little boy thought that the ghosts and monsters had actually come, and he got so scared that they shivered and hid in the teacher's arms. The Lunar Seventh Month (Ghost Month) is really approaching, how fitting!

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