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The first time buying drinks in Mandarin

My corporate class decided to buy drinks in Mandarin together before heading back to India during the Chinese new year. Everyone used a different strategy to achieve the goal. What perfect is not answering all the questions of the clerk correctly, but successfully taking the first step to accomplish the task. In my heart, each of you is the best. Good job! You all are my pride indeed!

#Appreciate the sweet and handsome staffs in Coco’s Guanxin shop #CoCo is tasty

我的企業班的學生,在回國度年假前,決定要一起用中文去買飲料。 每一個人都用了不一樣的策略來達到目標,完美的地方不在正確無誤地回答所有問題,而是踏出第一步達成了任務。在老師的心中,你們每一個都是最棒的。我真心以你們為榮。



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