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Online class is on air and also in the car

It's to commemorate the first online class student absenteeism.

Many of my students are engineers in the science park. Most of them have very tight schedule, so sometimes students will take advantage of the free time slot to take classes in the parking lot. So next time when you run into seeing someone laughing and talking to an iPad or laptop in the car, don’t be surprised.

Usually, if this student get suddenly been called to the Fab or meetings, he will inform me earlier. But today it's the first time that I can't get in touch with him anyway when it's time for class. According to my past experience, he must have entered Fab early in the morning and never came out afterward. Later, I received a message of his apology, and everything turned out to be as I expected. After apologizing, he said humorously that maybe I will push him to speak Chinese and help him to open his own business like me in the future. It’s great to hear that! Then let's just continue to learning for the bright future:)


我有很多學生都是科學園區的工程師,他們的時間大都很緊湊,所以有時候學生就會利用空檔在停車場上課。 所以下次大家看到有人在車上對著iPad或是筆電說說笑笑,別覺得奇怪。



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