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Learning in relaxation is the best way.

Learning, gaming, and relaxing all at once

In university, students from all over the world are often in the same class. It takes some time for everyone to get to know each other and warm up before activities can proceed smoothly.

In corporate classes, the students are usually from the same country and may even be colleagues or alumni. These brilliant engineers are quick-witted, energetic (at least in my class), and have a low threshold for humor. The focus in class is not on creating an active atmosphere, but on learning Chinese while having fun and fooling around. They are all members of the "Spoil Mandy Club". Whenever someone comes back from India, it's like Christmas for Mandy, and all my wishes come true. Some of them even bring their families along to join the club, please his mother picking out Indian dress for me. Their ultimate goal is probably to turn Mandy into an Indian.

I asked, "Can I put your photos on the website?" and they replied, "SURE! We want to be famous." This is so your style! Every class flies by in the joy of friends gathering. I feel happy, and you feel fulfilled. Everyone is happy. Let me help you become famous for speaking Mandarin:)



在企業班中,通常同班的學生們,通常來自同一個國家,有的是同部門的同事、很多是名校校友,有的甚至是室友。 這些絕頂聰明的工程師,反應超快,充滿活力(至少在我的課裡),笑點也很低。 上課最不需要擔心的是怎麼吵熱氣氛,反而是怎麼讓大家在邊玩邊鬧中學會中文。 他們也都是“寵壞Mandy” 的成員。每次有人從印度回來,就是Mandy的聖誕節,願望都能實現。有人還拉夥家人一起寵壞老師,找他媽媽挑衣服送給我。 他們的終極目標,大概是把Mandy變成印度人。

我問,可以把你們的照片放上網站嗎? 你們說,我們很想出名。這就是你們!每一堂課,都在朋友聚會的歡樂中,飛快而過。我覺得很享受,你們覺得很充實。皆大歡喜。就讓我來幫你們因為說中文而大紅大紫吧!

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