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Language, Culture and Friendship

With the coming of Purim, Mrs. Israel made delicious Hamantaschen (Haman ears )for me just like in previous years. This year my dear Mrs. Israel made almost 1000 Haman ears. Her dessert is so famous and delicious that whether her husband's colleagues or children's classmates, they all made a wish to her. And this super mother confronting everyone's eager expectations, her answer is just "Nothing is impossible!" How nice a friend she is! She is just that kind of friend that everyone needs to have! I know how lucky I am ❤️

隨著Purim普珥節的到來,以色列太太就跟往年一樣,做了美味的Hamantaschen哈曼耳朵給我吃。 今天我親愛的以色列太太做了快1000個哈曼耳朵,因為太好吃了,無論是先生的公司同事或是孩子們的學校同學,都跟她許下願望。 而這位超人媽媽,面對大家的熱切期待,只有一句「沒有什麼不可以的!」 她真是每一個人都需要擁有的好朋友呀!而我又是何其幸運❤️

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