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Keeping Your Passion for learning

Lauren is from Manchester, England. She likes hiking and swimming by the sea. She started learning Chinese with me one year ago. Because of her beauty and cuteness, I gave her the Chinese name 可若蘭 Ke Ruolan), which means cute as an orchid flower.

Ruolan learns things very quickly and is also very interested in learning Chinese. It's just that few people speak Chinese in her working environment, so she is still a bit shy to speak Chinese in her daily life.

I hope she can keep her interest in Chinese and finally master the language proficiently.

Lauren 來自英國曼徹斯特,她喜歡爬山、在海邊游泳。一年前開始和我學中文,因為她的美麗可愛,我給她的中文名字叫可若蘭,意思是 cute as an orchid flower.



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