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Having fun from the 1st to the last class, it’s worthy!

It's really a pity we couldn't celebrate our last class by going to Indian food together. It is also really a pity for such bright students not to continue their studies. But where there is a beginning, there is an end, and at least we do have fun from the first class to the last, so it’s truly worthy!



很可惜最後一堂課我們沒有辦法以一起去吃印度菜來慶祝。這麼有天份的學生,沒能繼續學習老師也真的覺得很可惜。但是,有開始就有結束,當我們把握了每一刻,享受了每一刻,就值得了。 謝謝你們成為我教學經驗的一段高光🙏

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