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Every child is a miracle with boundless hope


Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how to help this adorable little one. For him, I started studying the Mandarin textbooks used in Taiwan for the first time. I'm helping this child, who speaks Chinese as a second language, to catch up the level of his peers who speak it as their first language. In order to enhance his interest and confidence, I've really tried every methods I can. As long as I can help him, I'm more than willing to do so.

小孩兒今天說了很讓我感動的話。 他說「老師,我知道你做這些遊戲,都是為了幫我學好中文。」

This little one said something that touched me today. He said, “Teacher, I know you made these games to help me learn Chinese well.”


Every child is a miracle, and there is boundless hope in them.


You who have been away from Taiwan for more than two months, although it is a bit challenging to keep up with your classmates. But you definitely can do it, because you are hope.

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