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Congratulations to achieving TOCFL Intermediate Mid

恭喜我的以色列太太通過華語文能力認證Level 2(intermediate Mid)了,雖然她因為閱讀能力沒有跟聽力一樣通過Level 3(intermediate High ),而覺得有些失望(真的只差一點點呀)。但是這個成績,真的很值得驕傲。從零起點開始,每週一個半小時,課堂時間不到200個小時,更別說,身為三個孩子的媽媽平時有多忙碌,但是妳還是拿到了這樣的成績,妳的成就真的是不可思議!親愛的,這還只是妳的第一張認證呢!看著妳一路走來,透過學習中文,融入台灣的生活,結交台灣朋友,讓自己在台灣的生活如此豐富多彩,身為妳的老師,更是妳的好友,我心裡滿滿的都是驕傲與感動。 妳的成就與收穫當然不是這張證書所能完全表達的,但是把它當成在台灣的期末考試,真的是一張很不錯的成績單。妳是我的好友,更是我的驕傲!等不及想跟妳繼續攀登另一座高峰。

Congratulations to my dear Israeli lady who just passed the Chinese Language Proficiency Certification (TOCFL) Level 2 (Intermediate Mid). Although you have been a little disappointed because of reading ability not passing Level 3 (Intermediate High) as well as listening ability, this achievement is really something to be proud of. Starting from scratch, one and a half class hours per week, less than 200 hours of class time before the test, not to mention how busy you have been as being a mother of three children, you still got such outstanding grades. Your achievement is really Incredible! And this is only your first certification, my dear! Being with you along the way integrating into Taiwan's culture, making Taiwanese friends, and making life in Taiwan so colorful through learning Mandarin, as your teacher and your friend, my heart is just full of pride and moved. Of course, your achievements and harvest are far beyond what the certification can expressed, but treating it as a final exam in your journey in Taiwan it is really a nice report card. You are my friend and my pride! Can't wait to continue climbing another peak with you.

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