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The trip is on going and the learning is never ended.


今天是以色列太太在台灣的最後一堂課了。兩年多的時間,就像昨天才發生的一樣。我們不約而同地為對方準備著離別禮物,不約而同地用了一樣的紙袋裝著,我們一直都是很了解彼此的姐妹呀。 知道我最愛她做的甜點,所以她在廚具封箱前,特地烤了最後一個蛋糕來給我。身為一個專業的老師,我應該很知道怎麼處理離別。身為她在台灣的姐妹,我卻沒辦法不感傷。




We both promised not crying.

Today is Mrs. Israel's last class in Taiwan. It has been more than two years, however feels like it just happened yesterday. We prepared parting gifts for each other by coincidence, and we put them in the same paper bag. We have always been sisters who know each other very well. Knowing that I love her desserts, she baked the last cake for me before sealing the kitchen utensils. As a professional teacher, I should know how to deal with parting. As her sister in Taiwan, I can't help but feel sentimental.

So we both promised not crying this time. Spreading out the map of Israel, you marked the location of her home and dropped "see you next time in Israel" as the ending. Smiling and saying goodbye to each other, just like we have been doing every week for the past two years.

The trip is on going and the learning is never ended.

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