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The same is not the same

不同的學生組成,總會有不同的化學效應。然我設計了這套零起點教材,自己也教了數十次,但是怎麼教每一次都不會一樣。我很珍惜這樣的不一樣。 因為這種與未知相遇的期待,讓每一堂課都充滿期待。就如同這一班,在新同學的加入後,說我們需要新的班級合照。 一樣也不一樣。

Different student composition always leads to different chemical effects. In fact, now I often have to meet the students then can decide how and what to teach. Although I designed the beginner's learning materials and have taught dozens of times, thre way to teach varies every single time. I cherish this difference very much. Because of this expectation of encountering the unknown, every class is full of expectations. Just like this class, after one new member joined, this class said that we need a new class photo. The same is not the same, just like this.

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