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The joy of win-win for a Mandarin teacher

There is a Chinese saying to describe an omnipotent woman, "The one who can go up to the hall, and also does great job down to the kitchen". ( I know it's not politically correct at all😆 ) And now I am also experiencing how to become a super teacher , who can teache a VP while be able to hold a K kid. Fortunately, this little cute's mother is my high school classmate. Just because her daughter needs a Chinese teacher, we found each other halfway around the world through another parent's recommendation after N years we graduated.

Everyone has unique personality and characteristics, and at the same time, we also have the commonality of the need of be affirmed and also the pursue of resonance. With careful observation, patient waiting, and the seamless cooperation of parents and teachers, we are delighted by the little one's self-breakthrough in every class.

How high the possibility would be to meet a classmate who is far away abroad every week, and then watch her cutie get better and better together? If it's not a win-win, what is a win-win?




人生有多少機會可以每個禮拜見到遠在異國的同學,然後一起看著她的小可愛越來越棒呢? 如果這不是雙贏,什麼是雙贏呢?

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