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The joy of sudden realization

I really enjoy seeing the smiles on students who suddenly realize the characters. In the first class of learning Chinese characters, both the students and the teacher were fully satisfied. They have been immersed in the Chinese environment for a period of time, and they have a certain sense of familiarity with various symbols that appear in their daily life but have no clue to understand it. Watching them leave contentedly after class today, I feel that I am full of expectation and energy to lead them on the further journey.

我非常喜歡看學生恍然大悟的神情。在開始學習漢字的第一堂課,學生跟老師都充分地被滿足了。 他們浸潤在台灣華語環境中已經一段時間,對於環境中出現的各種符號有一定的熟悉感,但要了解又不得其門而入。今天上完課後看著他們滿足地離開,我覺得自己對於帶領他們繼續這趟旅程,也充滿期待與能量。

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