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Thanks for this unforgettable semester

Thank you all for giving me an unforgettable semester.

I was deeply moved when you said that after taking this conversation course, you finally dared to speak Chinese and your life in Taiwan became richer because of it.

To those of you who could chat in Chinese with doctors and nurses during rehab and even got introduced to a potential girlfriend; to those who could finally express clearly what kind of haircut you wanted and ended up with a satisfying hairstyle – you shine so brightly!

I never set any limits for you, but you became even braver. All the achievements belong to you, and I share in all your joy.

Lastly, I will take good care of the cat you gave me. :)


當你們說上了這門會話課後,終於敢開口說中文, 在台灣的生活也因此更豐富時,我深受感動。

在診所復健的時候能和醫生和護士用中文聊天,還因此獲得被介紹女友的機會的你們; 在剪頭髮的時候,終於能明確表達,得到滿意髮型的你們,是如此閃耀!




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