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Shiwaan's Brave Journey

Updated: Jul 27, 2023





友情永遠是最好的教材,對孩子們來說尤其重要。所有的孩子們也都分外珍惜這份跨語言、跨文化的友誼,台灣孩子與印度孩子同時都更自在地使用第二語言了。所有真心的付出,果然都會得到收穫。 Shiwaan的名字,中文是希望。每個孩子都是未來的希望,也都為了自己的未來那麼努力。


After a semester of hard work, Shiwaan, this seven-year-old Indian boy, has truly overcome the challenges of language and culture, leaving behind an impressive performance in his first grade. This achievement goes beyond each "excellent" on his report card or the teacher's comment that "he has made significant progress in Chinese." It is a testament to his courage and effort, proving that "he can do it."

Last July, he joined my Chinese class for the first time, preparing himself for entry into a public elementary school in Taiwan. In March of this year, he returned to my class again, this time because his grandma fell ill. After three months of being out of school staying in India, he felt lost upon returning to school.

During these months, I often felt that my capabilities were very limited, but it also made me believe in the infinite potential of children even more. As long as we find the switch that ignites them, instill confidence in themselves, and make language a tool to bring them happiness, they can achieve so much more than what teachers can do!

So, besides the Chinese class, I believe the best thing I have done is expanding his circle of Taiwanese friends. I want to express my gratitude to Shiwaan's parents for their trust and cooperation, as well as to all the parents and classmates in the Sutra class. Thank you all for selflessly offering your love and creating a warm and friendly environment for him to learn the wisdom of Confucius and confidently share and express himself. Besides the classmates in the sutra class, he even became an online friend with my nephew, YuHong, and we even had a meetups party for these two little ones and their families at the end of the term.

Friendship is always the best teaching material, especially for children. All the children cherish this cross-linguistic and cross-cultural friendship, and both Taiwanese children and Indian children have become more comfortable using their second languages, English and Chinese, respectively. All sincere efforts do reap rewards indeed. Shiwaan's name means "hope" in Chinese. Every child is a hope for the future and strives hard for their own future.

This piece records Shiwaan's bravery and effort and represents the pure and beautiful spirit of "to care for others's children as one's own" in Taiwan.

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