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Oral Activity of Pointing out the locations!

Before the reading and writing parts today, we did the listening and speaking exercises of pointing out the location in advanced, including drawing of course. I wonder what everyone thinks of the drawings of these circuit designers? But I think they did a good job in this oral activity!

Furthermore, it is also my first time having students who are willing to do workbook seriously in the corporate class. Unexpectedly, after only one month of teaching them Chinese characters, they have already started chatting in Chinese on whatsapp.

The charm of Chinese characters is irresistible, isn't it?

今天在讀寫之前,我們先做了指出位置的聽說練習,當然還有畫畫。不知道大家覺得這些電路設計師的圖畫得怎麼樣? 但是我覺得他們這個口說練習做得真的是不錯!



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