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Open up another part of brain through learning Mandarin!







Chante說「Maybe you don’t know what an impact your classes had on me.. its opened up another part of my brain」

我想說「Same here!教中文,跟學中文,都讓我們發現全新的自己。」


Respect and eggs (in Afrikaans, "spek" means bacon and "respek" means respect. The title of the song is a wordplay, where instead of asking for Bacon & Eggs (Spek & Eiers), I am asking for Respek & Eiers (Respect & Eggs))

All that I want is respect and eggs

But all I get is dirty looks and no seasoning,

Keep moderation before pleasure and focus on your duties (Not very poetic in english and doesn't capture the meaning properly)

There’s nothing left here to be lost

But the day is long

And I’m tired of complaining

The day is long

and I’m tired of asking

Sometimes it's difficult

and sometimes the coffee's weak

Sometimes I calm down and just think about you

Sometimes I stop trying

I’m tired tired of fighting

All that I want is what you don’t have

Is that too much to ask?

All that I want is just respect and eggs

Is that too much to ask?

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