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Online provides the flexibility to accumulate learning

Because of the epidemic, we have been taking online classes for more than a year. For those working hard in the science park, the flexibility of online classes allows them to better grasp the time slot for continuous learning. Some one uses the time waiting for his child to attend classes in the Costco parking lot. Some one is sometimes too tired after get off work and afraid of falling asleep in class. The other one always have his children to supervise them during class. In any case, meeting on the Internet at a fixed time has become a ritual. Learning requires continuous accumulation, and in today's listening practice, I found that everyone has become so good, which is really gratifying. I am very happy to be your teacher and go so far with you all. I am very fortunate to be able to join such a joyful learning time with you all.

因為疫情,我們已經上了一年多的線上課了。對工作辛苦的園區人來說線上課的彈性讓我們更能夠掌握時間的空檔持續學習。 有人固定在Costco停車場利用等孩子下課的時間上課,有人下班之後已經累得怕上課會睡著,還有人會有孩子在旁邊監督,無論如何,固定時間在網路上見面,已經成為一種儀式。學習需要持續的累積,而今天的聽力練習中,我發現大家都變得好厲害,真欣慰。很高興可以成為你們的老師,一起走這麼遠。很幸運可以與你們共享如此歡樂的學習時光。

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