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Local Survival Guide-WindyCity Pizza

Stacy跟Mandy成為合作夥伴,有一個很大的原因是因為我們都有長期在非營利組織工作的經歷。 這種經歷本身總是會不自覺地讓我們想去做一些跟社區服務有關的事情。 在跟外國學生們接觸的過程中,我們常常能了解他們在異鄉生活的種種問題,我們也知道他們學習語言的背後,更大的動機是要融入社會,交到朋友。 我們只是語言老師,並沒有什麼特別的能力,但是我們不約而同地有相同的想法:就是能慢慢地打造一個優質的生態環境,對大家彼此有利。 概念很簡單,力量和資源也很有限。但是,一路上都有這樣那樣的朋友一起努力。 慢慢地,大家一起能走多遠算多遠吧。 As a student of us said, the purpose of learning a new language is adapting to a new environment and knowing a new community. As language teachers, we are happy to provide some survival guide like where to eat, to drink or to have fun. We cannot do this alone by ourselves, let’s work together to create a friendly community and benefit from each other.

We went to Windy City Pizza this afternoon and met this lovely couple, Jennifer and Alex. We know their pizza not through advertisement but through our students, as many of our students are their loyal customers too. We indeed love Jennifer’s secret recipe and will definably come back again!

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