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Keep learning and sharing in each one’s journey through online

Through online class, even if everyone is on their own journey, students can keep learning and maintain the sense of Chinese. I am also very happy that our Chinese class can be your stress buster and always make you temporarily forget your worries. Today, I’m so excited to know how you become famous in the rural town in south Africa by speaking mandarin to the owner of a small Chinese shop and make him stunned. No doubt! You are South Africans with mandarin genes!

因為線上課,即使大家在各自的旅程中,也能夠持續學習維持中文語感。也很開心我們的中文課,總可以讓你們忘記煩惱,紓解壓力。今天最有趣的是聽到妳們分享,在南非鄉下小鎮的中國商店裡,妳如何因為開口說中文讓老闆目瞪口呆,也因此大大出名。 沒錯!你們是有華語基因的南非人!

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