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It’s Language, it’s Friendship, it’s also Culture Blending.

Updated: May 23, 2020

This evening class, these three gentlemen decide to resume face to face class, and come to give me a birthday surprise with such a heavy rain. I can’t imagine in such a high pressure company how they run back home to get those Indian food cooked by their wife, and reached the class at 7:15pm.

They celebrate my birthday with new learned Mandarin. They shared the Indian food with me and my husband, and we share about movie, foods and life in Taiwan and Indian, talked about the difficulty for a new comer, and even figure out a new task to accomplish and come out a experience sharing for the new comers afterward.

The other thing surprising me is that their wife got to know my favorite drink (masala tea) and food (vegetarian Indian food) from our weekly online course, and their kid even sang a Chinese B.D. song for me. This little one has shown up in our online course many times.

It’s not only learning language now, through learning Chinese our families got connected while our cultures also be blended. How wonderful thing it is.

Thanks you all again for this awesome birthday surprise. Really touched and appreciated.


你們一下班就衝回家拿好請太太準備好的印度菜和印度奶茶,提著蛋糕,來給我一個大大的生日驚喜。 對我來說,你們早就不只是學生。





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