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Hsinchu Christmas Market 2022

So much excitement meeting my students and friends here and getting the chance to experience those foods highly recommended by my students. What a wonderful gathering today. It also reminds me of those who will definitely come and have a booth here if they were still in Taiwan.


今天在市集裡跟許多學生相見歡,有些學生在市集裡擺攤,有些來唱耶誕歌曲,更多的是來感受人在異鄉的耶誕氣氛。有許多學生推薦,久聞大名的黨地美食名店,我也因此得以好好品嚐體驗,像是Farm Shack的歐式酸麵包,The Biltong Lady的以白蘭地澆灌發酵出的南非耶誕蛋糕,還有V.P. Creation的貝里斯 甜點,都讓我雖然人在台灣,也有著出國享受當地美食的喜悅。 美食的喜悅,重逢的快樂,我想這就是耶誕市集迷人的地方。

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