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Graduation Album (part 4 ) My most impressive part in this course 😍

This is the last episode of the graduation album!

Have fun learning, have fun interacting, make friends, write memories.

What a great description for our course!

Teacher Mandy is so happy that you all could feel all the efforts she has done.

The needs of every single student are always the most important thing to me.

Whether the flexible class time, customized class content, or even the pleasant class atmosphere, it is these determine whether a course joyful or not.

It is also a very fulfilling thing for Teacher Mandy to be able to customize the "Office Mandarin" for these technologists based on her experience of working in the science park in the past.

But everything I have given is far less than the trust, respect, and sincere friendship the students have given me. Thank you for all that you have given me. It is these that make me a better teacher. Thank you, my students.










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