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Bingo!! My Super Indian Math Kid!

My Indian little one who loves numbers very much is very excited today, because teacher Mandy used the best game setting for him.

During the game, We played bingo, practiced two digits numbers, and practiced sentence patterns at the same time. At the beginning, the little one even asked teacher not to remind him, he can read it by himself, even though it still took some time for him reading out the numbers. It didn't take long for him to be very familiar with everything. In the end, teacher Mandy gave him two bingo cards as a reward. He even asked me, can I play it with my father in English? I answered him, "Maybe you can teach your Dad how to play in Chinese?" He said excitedly, "Yes~ I can be my father's Chinese teacher." What an amazing little one.

in the end, he invited me to go to the water park with him tomorrow, and asked me if I had a swimsuit, if not, I should go to buy one. Shall I go with him? :)

It was so much fun to have this Indian super kid this summer!



我們一起邊玩賓果,邊練習數字,邊操練句型。開始的時候,印度小子還要老師不要提醒他怎麼唸二位數字,看來自我要求非常高呀!雖然,一開始他還要花點時間唸出數字,沒多久就很熟練了。最後老師送他兩張賓果卡當作獎勵,他還問我,「我可以用英文跟爸爸玩嗎?」 我回答他「你要不要教爸爸用中文怎麼玩呢?」 他很興奮地說「好啊~我可以當爸爸的中文老師。」我的印度神奇小子呀! 下課前,印度小子邀請我明天跟他一起去水上樂園玩,還問我有沒有泳衣,沒有的話要去買一件喔。 我該去嗎?哈哈哈


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