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A Little Reflection

This morning, my friend shared her experience with EVA Airstrike on Facebook, and how hard they tried to find a solution. I feel sorry for those passengers with EVA Air; my online student was also one of them who was affected. She even named herself as ‘EVA 孤兒’ which means ‘the orphan of EVA'.

My student is always positive even when she was in that kind of situation, she found someone to practice Chinese with her! It seems like she never wasted a minute. She decided to pick up a new language after she was part of a team that ended up selling a company to a large German conglomerate. Three months ago, we had our first few face to face lessons in Hsinchu. Afterward, we continued with the skype lesson once a week.

I am impressed by her serious attitude towards learning Chinese and how hard she has been working. She allocates all possible resources, grasps every opportunity to practice, organizes her knowledge, and highlights the difficult words. There is a right way of doing things that can be applied to every area!

This time when she came to Taiwan, she carried a piece of paper with a few basic Chinese verbs on it; she jumped on a train to Neiwan for sightseeing or figured out how to get a taxi from rural Zhudong, etc.

During the EVA strike, again she found a solution to spend her time and make the most of her Chinese learning. To be honest, I am not impressed who are beautiful and glamorous women, but I do respect those who are resourceful, independent, and smart. During the past 5 days in Hsinchu, we covered quite a lot of chapters of Real Scenarios Chinese, we had a little adventure together in Bei Pu and also shared our thoughts towards history, culture, politics, etc... Those ideas- exchange was wonderful which also reminded me to read more and think more.

I also shared with her about my childhood phobia towards math. She just looked into my eyes,:' Stacy, you should believe in yourself, you can do it! and I am willing to help!' I should say, the most exciting part of teaching language is that, you have chances to understand people, touch their lives and at the same time your life is touched and inspired.

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