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Wonderful Time in Taiwan

In the first Chinese class after the Spring Festival, three energetic students happily shared their vacation life with me.

Jenny from the United States traveled around the island riding on a bicycle, while Chris and the dog Benji drove a car behind her. This is their third round trip of the island.

Ben from France went to Miaoli. His hobby is hiking. Today we played a sentence-making game together. The sentence everyone sent to Ben was ‘my next girlfriend is hiking in Yushan.‘ Ben is 27 years old and wants to be friend with cute girls. :)

We hope to improve Chinese faster and enjoy wonderful life in Taiwan. Haha...



來自法國的Ben去了苗栗,他喜歡爬山。今天我們一起玩了造句遊戲。大家送給Ben的句子是‘ 我的下個女朋友在玉山爬山。’ 他今年27歲,喜歡可愛的女孩。


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