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Seizing the opportunity to invest in yourself by learning Mandarin

Encountered with the pandemic, everyone may have different choices. I am very happy that these two energetic engineers have chosen to learn Chinese with iMandarin through online. The pandemic will pass, but time never stop flowing. I appreciate their attitude to seizing the opportunity to invest in themselves. Working at home is not easy, but fortunately, online courses connect us while bringing together the joy of learning. Let's take a look at their awesome homework after the first class!

面對疫情,每一個人可能都有不同的選擇。 我很高興這兩位充滿活力的工程師,在這個哪裡都不能去的時候, 選擇了透過線上課程,開始跟iMandarin學習華語, 疫情會過去,但是時間曾停止流動。我很欣賞他們把握機會投資自己的態度。 在家工作並不輕鬆,還好有線上課連接我們,串起了學習的歡樂。 一起來看看他們在第一堂課後,開心完成的作業吧!

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