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Happy Purim—experience cultures with students

At the end of class today, I received a gift made by my Israeli lady, the "Haman ear"(Oznei Haman/Hamantaschen) for Jewish holidays. It turned out that today is "Purim." This is the second year I have received her gift on this holiday of sharing, but it is also the third year that her friends in Israel haven’t been able to received her gift.

I often feel that I’m so blessed to be a Chinese teacher as thinking about all my students with their precious culture, came from such a far place to share it with us. How beautiful and incredible it is!

When people are in abroad, they consciously keep their own culture, just like putting the soil of their hometown around. Learning a language is never just a language. While teaching languages, culture is like a solvent that carries all teaching content, and cultural exchanges have always been the most beautiful teaching scenery. What's more beautiful is that after culture exchanges, we will find that the most beautiful values ​​are invariably existing in various cultures, transcending languages, across races and nationalities.

Happy Purim!



我常常覺得作為華語老師,實在是非常幸運的事。 每每想到每一個學生,帶著他們自身的文化從那麼遠的地方來到你的面前跟你分享,就不禁覺得這實在是不可思議的美麗相遇。學習語言,永遠不只是語言。在教授語言的同時,文化就像乘載所有教學內容的溶劑一般不可或缺。文化交流一直是最美麗的教學風景,而更美麗的是,在文化交流之後,我們會發現那些最美好的價值始終存在於各種文化之中,超越語言與文字,跨越種族與國籍。


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