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Practical Exercise Makes Learning in Daily Life

#Sending Used Bikes on a Social Network

Today I set up a practical exercise opportunity for my students. In our class today, we just talked about how much Taiwanese like to speak English with foreigners. It happened that my student, Mr. Israeli wanted to give away two children's bicycles, so I made a starting on a social networking site, and then helped her opening a group with two Taiwanese mothers, so that they could directly communicate how and when to get the bicycle. At the same time, I asked these two Taiwanese mothers to help communicating with her in Chinese throughout the process.

I am so happy that my dear student successfully completed the task. I am also very happy that I came up with this homework, helped her deliver the bikes and also expand her experience in using Chinese. Thanks also to these two kindly Taiwanese mothers who patiently accompany her to practice. I believe these two bikes would continue delivering the joy of childhood to more children ❤️

剛剛為我親愛的以色列太太開了個頭, 幫她在社區網站上PO文送腳踏車。



想當然爾,我的以色列太太完全搞得定。看著她一條一條訊息回應確認,我真替她感到驕傲!也為自己又幫學生送出了車,又幫學生創造了練習的機會而感到驕傲。更要謝謝願意陪以色列太太練習中文的芳鄰們 希望這兩台車也可以帶給你們的孩子許多歡樂

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