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Our stories will continue...

Recently, many students found us through our website and wanted to learn Chinese with us. Today, when we browsed the website together, we were surprised that we have experienced a lot in the past two years, whether it is taking students to night market, malls or convenience store KTV; whether it is cooperating with well-known big companies or individual students. We always insist on teaching Chinese as an interest.

The Chinese language teaching market has many aspects, and we only chose the part that directly communicates with students. This part is not only what we really want to do, but also our advantage. Looking at the videos of the past two years, from unknown to a brands which is recommended by students.

Since the establishment of the website At the beginning of this year, we continued to expand our clients to overseas market. Even so, we have no ambitions for iMandarin. We are very sure that, iMandarin is not for making the maximum profit, but just a platform for our interests. Depending on our time, it can be big or small. More importantly, we are really here to communicate and grow with our dear students. Bring different colors to each other's lives and become ferrymen of their life.

At the same time, we have learned too much from them... 2020, 2021...our story will continue...






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