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Mandarin helps!! 學中文很有用!

It's so great knowing that because being able to speak Chinese, after returning to Taiwan the day before yesterday, my student successfully managed to secure a centralized quarantine station for her family, especially for the kids! During the online class today, I happened to see her using Mandarin directly contact with FoodPanda and UberEat's deliveryman and easily obtain all the daily necessities and food needed.

As her teacher, I'm really proud of her. I said, "We must start the second volume of textbooks during your isolation. Otherwise, it will become so unreasonable returning to Israel with such a heavy book" She said, "Teacher, although we do not have lots of progress of textbook, you taught me more important things. Otherwise, how can I communicate with the taxi drivers for epidemic prevention, translate for them, and even help myself to get a suitable centralized quarantine station? What I learned has been so worthy! "

Being able to apply what we're learning is always exciting.

My Israeli lady never disappoints me.

At this moment, I especially feel how great it is as being a Mandarin teacher and also want to tell my students that being able to speak Chinese is truly nice and helps!

知道學生因為會說中文,前天返台後,成功為家人爭取到適合家人(尤其是孩子們)的集中檢疫所,真是太棒了!線上課的時候,正好看到她用中文直接幫分房隔離的家人跟FoodPanda跟UberEat的外送員聯繫,輕輕鬆鬆取得所有需要的日用品跟食物。身為她的老師,我真心覺得驕傲。我笑說「我們一定得在你隔離的這半個月開始上第二冊的課本,否則你背著這麼重的書回以色列,也未免太冤枉。」 她說:「老師,我們雖然沒有上很多課本的進度,但是你教了我很多更重要的東西。否則,我怎麼能夠跟防疫計程車司機溝通,幫他們翻譯,甚至幫自己爭取適合的集中檢疫所呢?」





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