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From language learning to cultural exchange and awarded with sincere friendship

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

At the end of the year 2022, my two TSMC enterprise group classes have also reached the end of the first semester. This season, because of you all, has been fulfilled with joy and laughter. Thank you for always never forgetting to bring your teacher to have Indian dinner with you on your birthday while thoughtfully choosing my favorite restaurants. Thank you for knowing that the teacher loves Indian food, some of you took the initiative to make masala tea for me (although only tea leaves were prepared) while some of you made a pancake spoiling me in our last class!

In addition to learning Chinese hard, you even worked hard to teach me Hindi, and gave me the greatest encouragement when I could speak a few words (who did you learn it from?) and certified me as an Indian 😂.

Young as you, are always full of energy. Excellent as you, reveal the outstanding acquisition capability all the time. Considerate as you, always prepare before I request. Passionate as you, have already booked my India trip visiting your hometown. I felt so beloved as hearing you guys named every Tuesday as "Mandy's Day". Deeply moved.

It is my great honor to be your teacher. If this Mandarin class can make you feel the warmth of home in a foreign land, or even make Taiwan your second home in the future, then I would really feel that I have done the best job in the world.

歲末了,我的兩個台積電企業團班也到了第一學期的期末了。 這一季,因為你們而充滿了歡聲與笑語。


年輕如你們,總是充滿活力。優秀如你們,學習能力總是那麼強。貼心如你們,總是在老師開口前就準備了一切。熱情如你們,已經預定了老師的印度之旅一定要去你們家吃吃喝喝。愛我如你們,甚至將每個禮拜二稱為Mandy's Day。這一切都讓我深受感動,


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