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Beginner’s every attempt is invaluable

Everyone's first time is unique. Every attempt of a beginner student is invaluable. No matter how many students I have taught, I’m still enjoying the great moment and fulfillment from acquisition together with all my students. It’s Fifi’s first trial introducing herself in Mandarin and even being able to have short conversation also. Well done! FiFi❤️

每個人的第一次都是獨一無二的。 零起點學生每一次勇敢嘗試也都是無價的。 不管教過多少學生,我仍然每一次都能感受到學生的成就感與喜悅。 這是菲菲第一次用中文自我介紹,她甚至能跟老師對話呢!


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