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2021 iMandarin will Stay Together with You

In 2020, because of the sharp reduction of foreign students due to the epidemic, it was a very difficult year for many Chinese teachers and mandarin centers.

From the beginning, classroom teaching had been switched to online learning, until the foreign employees of the science park companies couldn’t enter Taiwan normally, and then slowly situation in Taiwan returned to normal.... Along the way, iMandarin teachers have always adhered to our teaching philosophy and focused on taking care of existing students. At the same time, We are deeply grateful to students, clients, and company HRs for their trust in iMandarin.

Facts have proved that a true love of teaching itself conforms to the law of attraction. In 2020, we did not cut prices to win customers at all, and the number of iMandarin students have not been reduced due to the epidemic. On the contrary, we asked some students to continue to wait on the waiting list because of lack of time.

We don’t accept too many students because of ability, and don’t degrade because we have fewer students either. From the beginning, we view teaching as an interest, as something we really like, as part of our lives. Regardless of how the outside world changes, we will not change this point.

This will still be the case in 2021. Together with our students, we will continue to laugh and laugh in our lives. Life should be more enjoyable with quality time. Work and study are not for maximizing profit, but for making people live better. let's stay together in 2021.



一路上,我們的老師團隊始終秉持自己的教學理念,把主要精力放在照顧好現有的學生上。同時,深深感謝學生、客戶、公司HR們對愛華語的信任。事實證明,真正熱愛教學本身就符合吸引力法則。在2020年,我們完全沒有降價爭取客戶,而愛華語的學生,也並沒有因為疫情而減少,反而,我們因為時間不夠,需要學生繼續在waiting list等待。




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