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北埔戶外教學 Outdoor Teaching--BeiPu

Today, I had a great outdoor teaching experience with my online student who come to Taiwan for 1 week intensive study.

北浦老街 Bei Pu Old Street is really a fantastic place to experience Hakka culture such as 客家擂茶 ke4 jia1 lei2 cha2 Hakka tea, 古蹟 gu3 ji1 relics, and try some local delights such as 柿餅 shi4 bing3 Persimmon, 豆花 dou4 hua1 Doufu pudding.

It was extremely funny that everyone in Bei Pu Old Street was so interested on my student who is a very beautiful and elegant lady. When they knew that my student is learning Chinese, everyone volunteered themselves to teach her, asked all kinds of questions about her and let me to be the translator.

And there was one shop owner even suggested himself to join our conversation, he just could not move his eyes off my student’s face while talking with me! 🤣🤣🤣 Luckily after 5 minutes, a group of new customers came in and saved us.

We practiced buying things, ordering food, direction words, self introduction etc...

And we laughed so hard as so many funny and crazy things happened in this 2 hours.

Definitely a memorable learning experiences for her. Taiwan is so wonderful.

*to protect my client’s privacy, I just leave my photos here.

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