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你當過備胎嗎? Have you been a rebound guy/girl?

備胎bèitāi:It means spare tire originally, here it refers to rebound guy or girl.



Last month, my girlfriend married her ex-boyfriend. It turned out I had been a rebound guy for two years.

2.你(nǐ)明(míng)明(míng)知(zhī)道(dào)她(tā)不(bù)愛(ài)你(nǐ),還(hái)對(duì)她(tā )那(nà)麼(me)好(hǎo),你(nǐ)是(shì)心(xīn)甘(gān)情(qíng)願(yuàn)當(dāng)備(bèi)胎(tāi) ?

You obviously know she doesn’t love you, but you still do too many things for her, are you so willing to be her rebound guy?

3. A:給(gěi)我(wǒ)介紹(jièshào)個(gè)女朋友(nǚpéngyǒu)吧(ba)!

Introduce me a girlfriend!


Isn’t lili your girlfriend?


I don’t really love her, she is just my rebound girl.

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